Etix secures 45MW of power for Icelandic data centre expansion


Etix Everywhere Borealis, part of Etix Everywhere and Etix Blockchain, has signed new power contracts with Icelandic power providers, securing in total 45 MW of power. These contracts will support the expansion of HPC & Blockchain data centres in Iceland.

One contract was signed with Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland, for 25 MW of green power, another one with ON Power for more than 10 MW, while a first one had already been signed in 2016 with HS Orka.

These power purchase agreements provide Etix Blockchain and Etix Everywhere Borealis with 45 MW of renewable and reliable hydro and geothermal power to fuel existing and future HPC and Blockchain data centre sites. The facilities are built to suite for HPC applications using the ambient conditions in Iceland resulting in one of the most cost effective HPC operations.

In parallel, a power transmission contract was signed on 21st December 2018 with Landsnet, the Icelandic Transmission Operator, to ensure the delivery of the afore mentioned power.

“It was essential to partner with the main power providers in Iceland in order to secure this large amount of power,” explained Björn Brynjúlfsson, CEO of Etix Everywhere Borealis. “Demand for large scale HPC and Blockchain services is growing at a rapid pace and we are now in a position to continue to support our customers growth plans.”

Today, 100% of the energy used on Etix Blockchain sites is green and renewable. The three power providers are committed to produce renewable energy: Landsvirkjun owns and operates both hydro and geothermal power plants in Iceland with a large hydropower station in the Blönduós area while ON Power and HS Orka produce geothermal energy.

“Many industries will soon embrace Blockchain and HPC technology, in particular with the booming development of artificial intelligence applications,” said Antoine Gaury, Head of Etix Blockchain. “This new demand will result in the segmentation between premium data centres (Tier III and IV standards) and more affordable facilities to evolve. Intermediary standards offering competitive financial solutions in line with the quality requirements of institutional customers are going to appear. Iceland is the perfect location to implement those intermediary standards and to offer attractive terms to our clients.”

Leveraging its competitive edge, Iceland has become one of the world’s prime location for HPC and Blockchain. Its naturally cold climate, necessary for the direct free cooling of the servers, as well as the abundance of renewable energy – geothermal and hydroelectric – are undeniable benefits to reach an ambitious PUE.

All facilities that are currently being built by Etix Blockchain are designed to suite for HPC applications using the full potential of ambient conditions in Iceland.

Etix Blockchain has developed two main sites in Iceland, Etix Fitjar #1 and Etix Blonduós #1. Etix Fitjar #1 is a HPC data centre of 8MW housing 5,000 servers. The first module of the building was delivered in September 2018, the second and third ones in December 2018. Etix Blonduós #1 is a campus of HPC and Blockchain data centres. Two data centres have already been delivered.

Etix Blockchain is also securing additional lands in Iceland and in the Nordics to further its expansion.


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