A solar powered EV charging hub has generated enough power for 20,000 miles of driving since its installation at the end of May, at Surrey Research Park in Guildford.

Since that time the prototype 3ti Papilio 3 pop-up charging solution, which integrates local mains electricity with solar power and a Battery Energy Storage System, has generated 4.86MWh of solar electricity.

In June the first Papilio3 unit generated 2.36MWh and is on track to exceed this figure in July.

Currently, this represents a 53% PV Generation to EV Charging ratio, although this will reduce throughout the year and expected to average around 20% after the winter.

Papilio3 is built around a recycled shipping container, can be deployed within 24 hours and integrates the three technologies of 3ti: solar electricity generation, battery energy storage systems (capacity of up to 250 kWh) and EV charging points (of 7, 11 and 22 kW).

The 3ti team is responsible for the two largest SCPs in the UK, at Bentley Motors, Crewe and JP Morgan Chase, Bournemouth.

It is also working on multi-site projects for the Ministry of Defence and has already installed 9.57 MW of solar PV across circa 2,500 parking spaces around the country.

Tim Evans, 3ti founder and CEO said, “Solar is an abundant source of renewable energy – yield from our first Papilio3 unit at Surrey Research Park has already topped 4.86MWh, and all 12 charging points have been in regular use.

“SCPs have already displayed vast potential as a method of generating renewable energy.

“In June, for example, just one of our customer sites produced 290MWh from a 2.2 MWp solar array. At current prices that’s over £65,000 worth of electricity.”


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