Osprey subscribes to ChargeSafe inspection body


Osprey Charging has become the first network to subscribe to ChargeSafe, a public charging endorsement body that independently inspects and rates EV charging locations.

ChargeSafe’s accessibility criteria have been developed in line with guidance from Motability – a charity that helps disabled people acquire vehicles – and the forthcoming PAS1899 BSI standards for accessible charging.

Combined with detailed safety criteria, from lighting and CCTV to nearby facilities and busy-ness, the rating system will provide drivers with more informed charging options for day and night.

Osprey’s new site at the Paisley Pear, an eight-charger, high power hub, was the first of its new accessibly-designed hubs to be inspected by ChargeSafe.

It scored a pre-launch rating of 4.46/5, including the highest accessibility score seen so far by ChargeSafe on the UK network.

ChargeSafe are inspecting and rating all the UK’s charging locations this year, based on 63 criteria for safety and accessibility, with ratings out of five made publicly available.

By subscribing, Osprey can review the detailed data behind the scores to identify specific areas to further improve the charging service it offers its customers.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging said: “We have long been supporters of what ChargeSafe stand for and we’re proud to become the first charging network to subscribe to its thorough, EV charging location rating system.

“We are committed to providing safe, reliable and accessible EV charging for all. That means well-lit sites, the best chargers and the ability for wheelchairs and anyone with mobility requirements to have the space and access to charge, pay and enjoy our facilities.

“Working with ChargeSafe means we can ensure that accessibility and safety are prioritised at all of our new sites, whilst giving us the insight to rectify other areas of our network that should be upgraded.”


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