Fiat Professional launches EV van fleet tool


Fiat Professional has launched a tool that allows businesses to compare the performance and running costs of their current fleet of ICE commercial vehicles with an electric Ducato alternative.

The Pro Fit by E-Ducato web tool uses tracking data from a firm’s own fleet, recommends the most suitable van configurations available, and indicates expected performance against business requirements.

The free tool works for businesses of all sizes, from a one-van operation to a multinational company.

Managers enter information about their current fleet of ICE commercial vehicles, indicating body, wheelbase and height details of each vehicle as well as the route, mileage, and operating temperature details for each one.

Pro Fit will show whether the range is sufficient, the extent of annual savings and whether the charging slots indicated are consistent with each vehicle’s mission.

Businesses can activate tracking in their fleet of existing vehicles from a smartphone when drivers download the dedicated ‘Pro Fit by E-Ducato’ app.

Once a business has configured their fleet in the web tool, drivers activate the Pro Fit by E-Ducato app in each vehicle, which sends mission data to the web tool of the same name.

Pro Fit processes the data and provides a list of the electric solutions recommended, with estimates of financial savings.

Richard Chamberlain, Fiat Professional UK Country Manager, said: “Crucially, this tool allows businesses to be reassured of their decision to move electric before even stepping behind the wheel of the E-Ducato.

“With hundreds of configurations and two battery options, there’s an E-Ducato to suit any business and Pro Fit will be able to show businesses this in real time.”


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