FM hit music: How to expand premises and stay cool without replacing HVAC plant

The Royal Northern College of Music is bigger. It didn't need to replace existing HVAC plant.
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The Royal Northern College of Music recently expanded its concert hall as part of a refurbishment. The extra capacity demanded more heating and cooling. But replacing the existing HVAC plant was not an option. In this sponsored case study, Fläkt Woods’ eQ air handling units and ReCooler heat pumps hit all the right notes, according to the mechanical contractor for the project.

The refurbishment project at the Manchester venue took place between January 2014 and November 2014, with the Concert Hall’s capacity increasing to 750. As a result of the increase in capacity, there was a requirement for supplementary heating and cooling capacity. Instead of replacing the main boiler or chiller plant, Fläkt Woods’ ReCooler HP units were specified to provide the required heating and cooling, in conjunction with the air handling system.

Mechanical consultant for the refurbishment was Elaine Bissell of Booth King Partnerhip Ltd. Commenting on the project and the system, she said: “We knew from the outset that replacing any of the main heating and cooling plant was not an option, so we looked to the ventilation system to provide the increased requirement for heating and cooling. The ReCooler HP unit has proved to be a great choice and ideal for this type of refurbishment project, as not only are the units highly efficient, but they also offer an incredibly neat and tidy install.”

The ReCooler HP design removes the need for an additional chiller, condenser or boiler, which consequently eliminates the requirement for any interconnecting pipework. This was an especially important feature for the Royal Northern College of Music, as Elaine explained: “One of the ReCooler HP units was sited on a rooftop garden area, which is regularly used by staff and students at the College. Running lengths of pipework across the roof would have been unsightly and made access difficult, which further cemented the ReCooler HP unit as an excellent choice for this project.”

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