Free webinar: How to maximise demand-side response revenue


moneyDemand-side response (DSR) aggregator Enernoc is hosting a free webinar for businesses that want to maximise revenues from harnessing flexible energy consumption from their operations and assets.

The company believes no business is ‘too bespoke’ to participate in DSR.

The 30-minute seminar, held Wednesday, 26th April | 1:00–1:30 p.m, focuses on the Transitional Arrangement Capacity Auction, in which Enernoc has secured 87MW of contracts to provide turn-down DSR at times of system stress over winter.

With the potential to earn £45,000 per MW this year alone, the aggregator believes flexibility has become rather more than a “nice to have” in firms’ energy management arsenals.

But should businesses enrol in the Transitional Arrangement programme this year with its very strong price, or opt for future delivery years within the Capacity Market?

That is what the webinar will help businesses of all types of bespoke operations determine, enabling them to maximise revenue, mitigate risk, and develop a competitive advantage for years to come.

The free webinar will enable businesses to:

  • Understand the economics of participating in this year’s Transitional Arrangement and future Capacity Market years.
  • Discover how your bespoke operational requirements still have flexibility, with peer-led examples.
  • Learn how to effectively prepare your organisation for risk-free, successful DSR implementation today.

Speakers: Paul Troughton, senior director, Regulatory Affairs, Enernoc, Wayne Davies, solutions engineer, Demand Response, Enernoc.

Register for the webinar here.

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