‘Geo-exchange’ heat pump firm signs deal after slashing CO2 at Sainsbury’s


A company working to decarbonise heating and cooling has signed a licensing deal to push its technology to UK corporates. The agreement with developer Black Mountain follows a four-year trial at around 25 Sainsbury’s stores that it claims cut CO2 emissions by 28,000 tonnes and energy consumption by 160GWh.

Erda Energy’s technology uses heat pumps and boreholes to take waste heat from cooling systems and store it in the earth for later use via a closed loop system. That reduces the energy need for both requirements.

The company calls it a ‘geo-exchange’ and has signed a deal with Black Mountain Developments Ltd, a Swansea-based company of which Mark Shorrock is a director and majority shareholder. Shorrock was also a director of Tidal Lagoon Power, the company that had hoped to secure funds and subsidies to build tidal lagoons in Wales.

Erda Energy says its technology can be retrofitted or incorporated at build stage, can balance energy across multiple buildings or add capability to heat networks.

Commenting on the technology licensing deal, Erda managing director, Kevin Stickney, said the firm “looks forward to witnessing the substantial reductions Black Mountain’s team can make for energy and carbon conscious businesses”.

Managing director, Roger Woods, said the licensing deal “allows us to bring two core offerings together, and provide a whole site solution for transforming energy and carbon performance”.

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