GKN Automotive is investing £3.5m in a research facility created to develop next generation of electric vehicle drive systems.

Its new Advanced Research Centre, which is located across engineering facilities at the University of Nottingham and Newcastle University, is also being partly supported through the Melrose Skills Fund.

The Melrose Skills Fund is a £10m fund, allocated over five years across the UK, to develop and promote engineering skills and encourage the next generation of engineers.

As part of the project, which will focus on the development of ultra-high efficiency electric drive units for future EVs, research teams at each university will cooperate collaboratively with engineers at the GKN Automotive Innovation Centre in Abingdon.

The University of Nottingham is a leader in research into power electronics, while Newcastle University engineering teams have a particular expertise in electric motors.

GKN Automotive has already invested in a engineering skills programme at its UK Innovation Centre, supporting the development of apprenticeships, training opportunities and internal staff upskilling.

Gordon Day, managing director, GKN Automotive Innovation Centre, said, “GKN Automotive is a pioneer of advanced eDrive development and this new research partnership will play a key role in strengthening the innovation of electrification technologies for future advanced propulsion systems.

“We are extremely proud that this research will be in partnership with Newcastle University and the University of Nottingham, two renowned and respected global leaders in automotive electrification engineering research.

“Both institutions will also play a leading role in helping us develop a supply of high-calibre engineering talent, which is essential to enable us to put the UK at the forefront of global automotive industry innovation.”


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