Government commits to energy efficiency drive, asks businesses how to deliver it


powerThe government will set out a long-term roadmap to minimise business energy costs later this year, with energy efficiency – or increased energy productivity – as one of its core pillars.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) seeks ideas from industry on how to achieve that goal (see the consultation here).

As part of its industrial strategy green paper, the department will commission a review of how to decarbonise the energy and industrial sectors at lowest cost.

According to the paper, the review will focus on: how best to support greater energy efficiency; the scope to use existing instruments to support further reductions in the cost of offshore wind; and how the government and regulators can improve energy market structures.

BEIS said it will also publish an Emissions Reduction Plan during 2017, and stated it remains committed to climate goals enshrined in the Climate Change Act, while focusing more keenly on affordability and security of supply.

In addition, the department is mulling whether to establish a new research institution ‘to act as a focal point for work on battery technology, energy storage and grid technology’. It will report ‘in early 2017’ on whether to pursue that strategy.

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