Government urged to unlock 18GW of ‘shovel ready’ batteries, solar and wind


Analysis by Regen shows there are 18GW of ‘shovel ready’ battery storage, solar and wind projects that could be quickly kickstarted if government genuinely wants a recovery led by green jobs and investment.

The 18.3GW of projects have planning permission and are part of a broader pool of 61GW of projects that have sought connections.

Source Regen

“This analysis shows there is a huge pipeline of green electricity projects, many of which are ‘shovel-ready’, which could provide 200,000 jobs,” said Regen CEO, Merlin Hyman. “The dramatic falls in the cost of renewables and storage means these could be delivered by private sector investment, enabling public investment to be focused on other green energy policies, such as the Chancellor’s home insulation grant scheme announced yesterday.”

Regen urged government to unlock the projects by:

  • Publishing an Energy White Paper putting the UK on course for a flexible power system based on renewables and storage
  • Committing to annual Contracts for Difference auctions to give investors confidence
  • Ending anti-onshore wind policies in the English planning regime

Details here.



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