Green refrigeration up to 2MW


Quantum_G smallerDemand for green refrigeration is on the rise. In this sponsored post, Cofely Refrigeration says that is one of the reasons why it is expanding its existing German-manufactured water cooled Quantum G chiller series, which uses the refrigerant R1234ze, up to a cooling capacity of 2 megawatt (MW).

Later in 2015 Cofely Refrigeration will also be offering an air-cooled Quantum G chiller to complete the range.

With the water-cooled Quantum G, which was launched in autumn 2014, Cofely Refrigeration says it has a sustainable solution to the rising demand for ‘green refrigeration’ with a combination of high energy efficiency and the environmentally friendly refrigerant R1234ze. Like the classic Quantum, the Quantum G is also based on oil-free compressor technology.

Until recently, the water-cooled Quantum G was available with a cooling capacity of up to 1.1 MW and this has now been extended to 2 MW.

During the course of 2015, Cofely Refrigeration will expand the Quantum G series with an air-cooled Quantum G offering a cooling capacity of up to 1.25 MW.

This air-cooled series will also use refrigerant R1234ze, which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) value of less than 1. Due to this low value, the leak checks usually required under the EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014) can be waived for the air cooled Quantum G.

As with the water cooled version, a magnetic-bearing centrifugal compressor is also used for the air-cooled Quantum G. Thanks to the position of the magnetic bearing in the compressor shaft, oil does not have to be used at all in the entire refrigerant circuit.

Furthermore, the refrigeration process is optimised by an open flash economiser, as well as the option of free cooling modules, to significantly enhance the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

In addition, operators can benefit from the compact outdoor installation when indoor plant room space is limited.

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