Greg Clark consents new Snowdonia pumped hydro plant

Snowdonia national park. Photograph by Mike Peel (
Snowdonia national park. Photograph by Mike Peel (

Work on a new 99MW pumped hydro scheme in North Wales will commence in the next 12 months after being given the green light by energy secretary Greg Clark.

The Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage Hydropower project, just outside Snowdonia national park, will pump water between two disused quarries using reversible pump turbines, both to generate electricity when required at peak times and to use electricity to fill the upper reservoir when power demand is low.

The former slate mine is being developed by Quarry Battery Company and its subsidiary Snowdonia Pumped Hydro, supported by infrastructure services firm AECOM.

“We are really pleased that this excellent scheme has been given a Development Consent Order today by the government. Electricity storage is the natural partner to renewable generation and the missing piece of the UK low carbon strategy,” said Dave Holmes, managing director, Quarry Battery. “AECOM has been a long-term supporter and strategic partner for the scheme, helping us to achieve today’s DCO. We look forward to continuing this relationship as the project progresses.”

Catherine Anderson, EIA associate director at AECOM, said: “Today’s DCO marks a significant milestone for this important project that will help boost the UK’s ability to respond to changing patterns of electricity generation and demand. AECOM has remained committed to the project since its early stages, with our environmental and engineering teams working in collaboration to embed mitigation measures into the design from the outset.”

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