Haven Power changes its name to Drax


B2B renewable energy supplier Haven Power is changing its name to Drax. Haven Power is one of the UK’s biggest renewable energy suppliers to businesses and organisations, a large proportion of which is sourced from its parent company, Drax  Group converted Drax Power Station, the UK’s largest, from coal-fired to biomass.

The rebrand of Haven Power follows the launch of Drax Electric Vehicles and Drax Electric Assets (a service for optimisation of operations) and aims to offer a partnership approach for customers, supporting the UK’s journey to net zero. Haven Power was acquired by Drax Group in 2009 and supplies more than 20,000 large industrial and commercial customers with over 12TWh of renewable electricity each year.

The rebrand signals Drax’s intention to partner with its business customers in supporting them in optimising their energy use, reducing carbon emissions, and minimising costs in  line with the businesses sustainability goals.

Paul Sheffield, managing director of Drax’s supply businesses, said, “By more closely aligning our supply business to Drax, we can better support businesses and organisations with their own net zero ambitions using Drax’s scale, knowledge and expertise in decarbonisation. It also demonstrates our commitment to enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future for our customers.”

Drax plans to deploy vital negative emissions technology, bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), at its power station in North Yorkshire. This will permanently remove eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year by 2030.

With the creation of a voluntary carbon market, business customers could purchase the permanent and verifiable negative emissions from Drax, helping difficult to decarbonise industries offset their own emissions. Drax also highlights that in addition to supporting efforts to decarbonise the UK’s economy initiatives such as this also protect UK jobs.


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