Heat meters keep hotelier happy

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In this sponsored post, Micronics details how its U1000 heat meter saved time and effort in solving heat system water flow issues at a high end London hotel.

Many Micronics U1000 Heat Meters have been used by Carrier Controls of Leatherhead in Surrey over a number of years. Nick Baron, Carrier’s Operations Director had been advised by a consultant that Micronics flow and heat meters were very reliable and extremely cost effective so he has turned to them to solve many problems.

For example, the mechanical heat meter had failed at a high end hotel in London and a U1000 was used to monitor the flow of water through the heating system because the suspicion was that there wasn’t sufficient flow. The remedial works would have cost over £100,000 so the hotel’s maintenance staff asked Carrier Controls to come up with a more cost effective alternative.

The firm was given only three weeks’ notice to carry out the work and, because of previous experience, so Nick Baron knew which controls firm to turn to.

“Micronics meters are much quicker and cheaper to install because there is no need to cut into pipes which means that installation costs are minimal – the system does not need to be drained down or pipes cut into. Because it is configured for pipe size there is only nominal configuration on site. We have found the accuracy of the data delivered to be excellent and its operation has proved exceptional. Technical support and assistance from Micronics is always spot on too.

With its easy to follow menu it proved to be a cost-effective alternative to a traditional in-line meter installation. In addition dry servicing is possible so that ongoing maintenance downtime is kept to a minimum. Nick Baron has also recommended the meters to many London landlords.

For further information on this project or the Micronics range call Micronics on +44(0)1628 810456, or visit www.micronicsflowmeters.com

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