Was Esos any good, asks government as clock ticks on renegades


Government wants the views of businesses that had to take an Esos audit.

The department for business, energy and industrial strategy (Beis) has commissioned external research to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, which is overseen by the Environment Agency.

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (Esos) requires firms above a certain size or turnover to take an energy audit every four years. It must be signed off by a director, and the theory is that by pointing out easy energy efficiency wins, they take subsequent action.

Beis wants to hear from businesses involved about what worked and what didn’t. Workshops and interviews will be carried out by Ipsos, the Carbon Trust and University College London, starting from this month and running through until April.

Firms interested in providing feedback on their Esos experience and whether it has proved effective, should contact ndeeevaluation@beis.gov.uk or email the Carbon Trust direct Alessandro.casoli@carbontrust.com.

Meanwhile, The Environment Agency says civil enforcement proceedings are progressing against “a number” of non-compliant organisations and said it will name those organisations and the penalties imposed when applicable appeal times have elapsed.

The Agency said it had investigated 2,400 firms, of which 240 had subsequently started the Esos process.

A further 190 Enforcement Notice cases are currently ongoing according to the agency, which is also consulting on changing its enforcement and sanctions process.

Further information is available in the latest Esos newsletter, which can be downloaded here.

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