Helixx to launch low-cost mini EVs


Helixx, a new UK-based global technology company, is to produce four affordable mini commercial EVs to cater for businesses in fast-growing, densely populated urban centres.

Engineered in the UK and designed to be built virtually anywhere in the world in licensed Helixx Mobility Hubs, the vehicles will be offered on a subscription basis for commercial users.

The range initially comprises four body styles: the Cargo is a commercial goods vehicle designed to support the booming demand for last-mile delivery fleets, with 2100 litres of cargo space and the capability to carry  the majority of ISO pallets in target markets.

Meanwhile, the Truck is a pick-up designed for construction businesses and urban developers.

The Tuk and Ride, with open and closed-door bodies respectively, are designed as the best solution for urban ride-hailing to replace older, heavily polluting, combustion-powered fleets.

All four vehicles offer a zero-emission driving range for a virtually uninterrupted 24-hour duty cycle with rapidly swappable, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs.

Helixx will fully manage the entire onboarding process for hub partners, from the establishment of the factory and equipment installation to training staff and ongoing commercial support with local fleet operators.

Following successful testing of the UK concept hub in partnership with Siemens, Helixx will establish further pilot hubs in the UK and Singapore.

Steve Pegg, Helixx CEO and co-founder said, “The vehicles offered by Helixx are the key to replacing the heavily polluting combustion-powered vehicles relied upon in developing nations today.

“For the past four years, we have researched the market to ensure the creation of sustainable zero-emission vehicles that meet the demands and needs of the world’s developing economies.”


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