Gas condensing boilers: Cascade functionality with easy installation


Hoval TopGas cascadeIn this sponsored post, Hoval details how its new TopGas Cascade modular gas-fired condensing boiler systems combine design flexibility with exceptional ease of installation. They are supplied as a kit complete with boilers, LTHW and gas pipework header(s), inter-connecting flexible LTHW and gas pipework, pumps and valves. They are available in three outputs – 45kW, 60kW and 80kW* – each of which can be combined in a range of combinations to give potential outputs ranging from 90kW through to 480kW.

Available combinations are wall-hung in-line (2-6 boilers), freestanding in-line (2-6 boilers and back-to-back (3-6 boilers). All are available with Hoval’s optional TopTronic cascade control package to ensure optimum performance.

Pre-insulated LTHW pipework, valves and pumps, along with flexible gas ‘TracPipe’ and a choice of an optional low loss header or hydraulic de-aerator/separator are supplied together with a modular framework for assembly on site. Wall-hung options come complete with wall brackets to ensure correct spacing for ease of connection and all flow and return pipework and gas connections are clearly labelled.

TopGas boilers deliver net efficiencies of up to 109.4%, with boiler turndown of up to 4.7:1 and NOx levels as low as 18mg/kWh. TopGas boilers also operate with extremely low electrical consumption and low noise levels.

*Outputs are based on flow/return temperatures of 40°C/30°C

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