How new builds are maximising energy efficiency


Energy efficiency is and will continue to be a contributing factor in the way homes are designed. New builds in particular are jumping on this trend, surpassing green regulations and saving homeowners money on their bills each year.

But why are new builds so energy-efficient? Here we explore four key attributes of these modern homes that contribute to minimising their environmental impact.

Improved layouts

While most favour an open-plan layout for the modern aesthetic, the design is actually an effective method for reducing energy usage. This is because it’s much easier to keep the temperature consistent in a room free from obstructions.

As a result, new build homes often feature an open-plan ground floor as opposed to numerous closed-off rooms. In addition to this, open-plan designs also allow the installation of more efficient heating systems rather than your standard single radiator in each room.

Advanced technology

It’s all well and good ensuring the property is equipped to retain heat and reduce energy bills but this is made redundant if appliances in the home continue to waste energy unnecessarily. Fortunately, new builds are fitted with state-of-the-art appliances and technology.

Whether it’s low-energy lightbulbs throughout the home or restricted-flow taps, every fixture and fitting is specially designed to minimise energy usage. You’ll even find different types of heating systems like energy-efficient boilers or air-source heat pumps.

Some selected homes come with solar panels, which are able to produce hot water. Not only does this save on energy bills but also reduces the carbon footprint of the property.

Further insulation

With these increasingly cold winters and sudden heatwaves in the summer, it’s important for homes to be able to maintain a comfortable temperature. Not just for our benefit but for the sake of saving energy.

New housing typically includes upgrades in insulation like foam underneath flooring, sustainable materials in cavity walls, and deeper loft insulation. A combination of these ensures energy usage is minimised in the home as much as possible.

To help regulate the temperature of the home, new builds are fitted with double-glazing windows and trickle vents. The latter is also beneficial for removing excess moisture buildup in the air that can lead to damp in the property.

Use of eco-friendly materials

New builds have the advantage of being built in the modern day when sustainable materials are known and readily available. As an example, timber has proven to be much more energy-efficient for retaining heat compared to traditional masonry – a common feature of older properties.

Even bamboo has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative. While it’s already been used in certain cultures for centuries, it is now being utilised more in new build properties thanks to its light weight, flexibility, and strength.


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