The government launches today a service to help Britain’s 5.5 million SMEs save on their energy bills while reducing their carbon emissions.

The UK Business Climate Hub includes a free carbon calculator for enterprises, and new tools to help them measure and report on their emissions. Saving money by using less energy is included in the website.

It offers detailed advice on topics ranging from sourcing products from green suppliers, to reducing logistics-related emissions. Tips on the most cost-effective ways to instal solar panels and EV charging points are in the package.

Ministers assert that 90% of SMEs are keen to tackle climate change but find it difficult to know how or where to start.

SMEs going green often find the process good for business. Studies show 85% of consumers are more likely to buy from a firm with a reputation for sustainability, meaning going green can help grow the economy.

Graham Stuart MP, minister of state for energy security and Net Zero – pictured left above – said: “The UK has cut its emissions more than any other major economy in the world. More and more businesses are recognising the business benefits of reaching net zero and we’re determined to empower them to do so.

The new UK Business Climate Hub is a one-stop-shop for businesses. Whether it’s fitting a low-carbon heat pump, generating energy with solar panels, or reducing the emissions from shipping goods, the new support will ensure businesses can drive towards net zero.”

Sustainability strategist Laimonas Noreika, CEO of HeavyFinance added: “This hub will play a crucial role in enabling Britain’s businesses to take meaningful action against the climate change emergency.

“It is a step in the right direction and will help business owners across the country to develop long term sustainable strategies that will assist the UK in its journey towards Net Zero.”

Entrepreneur Steven Mooney, CEO, FundMyPitch added, “At a time when interest rates are surging and inflation remains stubbornly high, this new hub offers invaluable guidance to empower entrepreneurs to build a truly effective green strategy.

“The vast majority of company owners will always go the extra mile to build responsible, environmentally friendly businesses, but they also need access to finance and support to turn their dreams into reality.”

Helping employee switch from car commuting to ride-sharing, buses and cycling and paying less for company EVs. Securing business grants, green loans and financing for a retrofit, are considered as are emissions cutting from farming and land management, buying credible carbon offsets and reducing waste and recycling.

Access the UK Business Climate Hub here.


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