Infrastructure Masons offers scholarships for CNet education programmes


CNet is partnering with Infrastructure Masons to provide scholarships to those wanting to progress their career within the data centre sector. iMasons are offering scholarships for programmes throughout The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, from the entry level Data Fundamental programme, which introduces the learner into the data centre sector, to the Certified Data Centre Technician (CDCTP), and Data Centre design, management, energy, audit and sustainability, all the way through to the world’s only Level 7 Masters Degree programme in Data Centre Leadership and Management.

The objective for the iMasons is to prepare people to enter, or to succeed and move up in, the digital infrastructure industry. The scholarships cover a variety of potential positions throughout the data centre sector and the CNet programmes also provide official certifications with post-nominal titles and qualifications.

The industry is rapidly growing and with the predicted forecast rate of growth in the sector, there is quickly becoming a talent shortage issue within the industry. The scholarships offered by iMasons are designed to inspire and grow the sector by offering world-class training from CNet that can excel learners into an industry they might not have considered previously. The breadth of scholarships available offers something for everyone, from people who are looking for their entry into the sector all the way through to those already experienced and working in the digital infrastructure industry but keen to progress, excel and achieve career goals.

To apply you must be an iMasons member. iMasons are committed to finding and developing the most under-tapped source of talent in the field. iMasons are making every attempt to offer at least 50% of the scholarships to women as well as ensuring opportunities are available to all underrepresented populations.

Each application is evaluated by an independent selection committee who also review evaluates each application and reviews the recipient’s financial need, military service, previous academic qualifications, and life achievements.

Some of the scholarship programmes are undertaken via distance learning and can be taken at a time and place convenient to the learner, others require classroom participation or participation via remote attendance, see the full list of eligible education programmes here.

If you are interested in applying for one of the iMasons Scholarships or would like any further information please visit



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