Britain’s biggest EV charging network is allying with Plugsurfing to add 1,400 more power points.

InstaVolt’s link up will add to Plugsurfing’s existing network of nearly 30,000 UK charge points, plus 600,000 in Europe.

EV drivers can use Plugsurfing to access and pay for charging as well as plan their route. The move promises a seamless charging and driving, affording drivers access to what’s claimed as one of the UK’s widest EV charging networks.

Plugsurfing customers can order a personal charging card or key which allows them easily to pay at any partner charging station in Europe.

The smaller operator already powers charging from various car dashboards, carmaker apps, and parking services.

Carmakers and mobility providers can also give their customers access to Plugsurfing’s network through branded white-label services or via tailor-made integrations with Drive API.

InstaVolt CEO Adrian Keen said: “Plugsurfing’s ethos very much aligns with our own – improve the charging experience for everyone and support the national transition to EVs. Our main goal is to make our chargers easily accessible to new and existing drivers, and it doesn’t get much simpler than accessing them through your car’s integrated navigation system or favourite apps.

“We’re hopeful that apps like Plugsurfing will further instill confidence in drivers who are considering the switch to EVs and encourage collaboration between different industry players. The future success of the UK’s charging infrastructure is reliant on industry collaboration of this kind, and we look forward to supporting Plugsurfing as it further enhances its reach.”



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