Integrated EV charging and energy storage from Swarco and Connected Energy


Swarco Smart Charging and Connected Energy have partnered to develop a combined battery storage and EV charging solution that could help accelerate the rollout of EV charging.

The partnership integrates Swarco’s portfolio of EV charging hardware with Connected Energy’s E-Stor system, which uses second-life batteries from Renault Kangoos to provide onsite energy storage.

The E-Stor system delivers energy at a rate of up to 300kW and can, for example, simultaneously charge 20 cars for two hours at a rate of 7kW, or it can power two 50kW rapid chargers for almost four hours.

It can be linked to renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic panels, allowing charging points to be powered by renewable energy – with excess power generated from the renewable sources stored until it is needed.

In 2017, the firms first began working together when Connected Energy’s E-Stor system was installed alongside Swarco’s charging technology at the UK’s first charging hub in Dundee city centre.

The integrated solution can help fleets wanting to provide EV charging for their own EVs or be used by local authorities or charge point operators to provide public or private charging without the need for costly and lengthy upgrades.

Justin Meyer, Swarco Smart Charging managing director, said, “We are proud of the EV charging projects we’ve already delivered that use Connected Energy’s solutions and very much look forward to more successful projects in the future, including our extended range of high-powered DC chargers.”

Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, said, “Our energy storage solutions, using second-life EV batteries, seamlessly work together with renewable technologies and EV charging technologies to give charge point owners ultimate flexibility over the energy required to deliver EV charging.”


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