Kia in charge point agreements with BP Chargemaster and Pod Point


Kia’s UK dealer network has partnered with Pod Point and BP Chargemaster to offer its EV and PHEV buyers cheaper prices for a home smart charger and its installation.

The car manufacturer said a universal Pod Point 7kW homecharge point for its customers will cost £509, meaning a £20 discount versus the recommended retail price (RRP), while the equivalent BP Chargemaster point is available for £549, a £60 discount compared to the RRP.

Both products come with a three-year warranty and also connect to the internet.

In addition, BP Chargemaster will offer new-car Kia customers a two-year complimentary Polar Plus subscription if they install one of its homecharge points.

The Polar Plus subscription – which usually costs £188 over two years – allows customers to access free or discounted charging at more than 7,000 charge points across the UK.

David Hilbert, Marketing Director at Kia Motors (UK) said: ”With our range of PHEV and full BEV’s growing at such a rate, it’s important that our customers have access to quality charging solutions at home to ensure they are making the best use of their vehicles, being able to charge frequently, quickly and economically.

“With Pod Point and BP Chargemaster, we believe we have an attractive proposition to complement our range of class-leading plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles”.

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of BP Chargemaster added: “Drivers of Kia electric cars like the e-Niro will be able to rely on BP Chargemaster to get them charged at home and on the go, including on the UK’s largest public network of ultra-fast chargers.

“More than 50 ultra-fast chargers are already live at BP retail sites and we will see at least 200 more by the end of next year, all over the country.”


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