LCP wins BEIS contract


LCP has won the contract to provide the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with development and support of its Electricity Distribution Network Model (DNM).

Specifically, the developments to the model includes updates to how EV charging infrastructure will impact the distribution networks in the future.

Tom Porter, Partner and Director of Strategy at LCP said, “It’s great to be supporting BEIS with the next stage of developments to the Electricity Distribution Network Model (DNM). As the number of EVs increases and charging infrastructure grows with it there’s a real need to model these complex interactions on the distribution network.

“The impacts of consumer behaviours, vehicle to grid technologies and charging hub infrastructure all need to be modelled to understand the potential impacts on the distribution network. With sufficient foresight and planning the distribution network can support all other aspects of this transition, providing flexibility through smart solutions that reduce the risks and cost of our overall decarbonisation aims.”


  1. It would be good if BEIS had a model for a hydrogen filling station network for independent HGVs and larger cars; maybe LCP could help?


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