Limejump now trading flex in Balancing Mechanism

Erik Nygard, Limejump chief executive

Limejump has entered the UK Balancing Mechanism, a real-time market for flexibility.

The firm, which has a supply licence, will now compete with other licenced energy companies and large generators for a share BM revenues.

The first battery to provide flex as part of Limejump’s VPP into the BM is the 10MW Breech Farm battery developed by Anesco.

“This is an important milestone in opening up the UK energy market,” said CEO Erik Nygard. “We have shown how sustainable, dynamic and distributed assets can power the UK as consistently and efficiently as large power plants.”

The BM is a key tool used by National Grid in balancing supply and demand in real time. It is a deeper market to contracted ancillary services, that are usually awarded weeks ahead of time for set services and durations. Currently it is largely the preserve of licenced energy suppliers and transmission connected generation.

National Grid plans to open up the BM to aggregators without supply licences next year, but in the meantime, Limejump hopes to make its advantage count.

The firm also took a significant chunk of National Grid’s latest firm frequency response tender, winning 89MW, roughly a third of the total contracted volume.

See the BM announcement here.

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