Limejump to trade flex from 46MW subsidy-free wind farm in BM and CM


Shell-owned virtual power plant operator Limejump has landed a deal to trade power from the 46MW Crossdykes wind farm in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

The scheme, owned by Muirhall Energy and WWS, is one of the UK’s first subsidy-free wind farms and according to the firm is the first of its kind to enter the Balancing Mechanism, National Grid ESO’s main tool to balance supply and demand close to real time.

As well as enabling a flexible PPA structure for output, Limejump also aims to enter the wind farm in the Capacity Market (CM), which pays generators for firm capacity. Government has been working on rule changes that enable wind and solar to bid for CM contracts, though significantly de-rated.

Limejump senior business development manager Kristina Rabecaite led the deal. 

“Bringing subsidy-free wind into the Balancing Mechanism is a red-letter day for the industry,” she said. “Our collaboration with Muirhall Energy and WWS is part of the new era of maturity in onshore wind and the power trading landscape.”

Muirhall has built 120MW of onshore wind in the UK and aims to build a further 300MW within two years.


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