Intergen seeks generation licence for giant 700MWh battery storage scheme


Intergen has applied for a generation licence at Spalding Energy Park, where it has planning permission for a battery storage system of up to 700MWh.

The firm also has permission to build a 470MW combined cycle gas turbine power station on the site, adjacent to its existing CCGT and an open cycle gas turbine commissioned last year.

Intergen has planning permission to build an even bigger battery, a 1.3GWh behemoth at London Gateway Port.

The two sites combined would deliver 500MW/2GWh, according to the firm, which plans to use lithium-ion chemistries at both developments.

Other firms are building increasingly large batteries.

Penso Power, originators of the 100MW China-backed Minety Project, plans to take the development to 150MW. CEO Richard Thwaites said earlier this year that it has two more 100MW schemes in planning and may go larger still.

Meanwhile, Statera-owned Thurrock Power is planning a 150MW/600MWh battery alongside a gas power station, though must negotiate with RWE, which owns the adjacent Tilbury site, over access rights and land acquisition.


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