MID – the only standard for sub-billing. Are you compliant?


midSponsored article: Every organisation is concerned with the efficient usage of energy and in turn, the direct benefits that efficiency optimisation can deliver. In order to realise the cost savings associated with more efficient energy usage, the measurement of electrical power has become an increasingly critical element of any energy performance improvement project.

The first step towards optimising energy performance is achieving accurate monitoring and measurement. Whether monitoring consumption and analysing distributions, monitoring load levels and the installation itself or using measurements to provide more precise billing and invoicing, the result of more accurate, reliable data is delivered straight to the bottom line.

To ensure the highest levels of reliability and transparency, and in order to provide complete metrological assurance, applications that necessitate the installation of meters dedicated to invoicing purposes must comply with the European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID).

Dating back to March 31, 2004 (2004/22/EC), MID applies to devices and systems with a measuring function, such as gas, electrical and heat meters as well as weighing instruments used in commercial transactions, providing assurance to all parties that the measurements and readings can be trusted.

With MID certified metering, it is now possible to take control of power costs, and achieve accurate measurements and reliable sub-billing.

No more nasty surprises… accurate, predictable billing

Internally powered from any phase, with a metrological LED and with tamper evident protection of programming menus and terminals, MID certified metering delivers the most accurate and predictable billing possible.

From the measurement of energy consumption, to verifying energy bills, securing the best tariffs and limiting reactive energy, the latest MID certified products enable the granular management of energy costs to optimise an installation’s energy performance.

The efficient control of energy costs starts with the precise measurement and centralised monitoring of all energy sources.

Power quality – guaranteed

The Socomec Diris A14 modular multi-function, multi-measurement meter measures electrical values in low voltage networks, allowing all electrical parameters to be displayed and utilized for communication and / or output functions.

MID-certified, providing guaranteed accuracy, module B+D certification ensures that the design and manufacturing processes have been approved by an accredited laboratory. Furthermore, compliance with IEC 61557-12 guarantees a high level of equipment performance in terms of metrology and accuracy.

With bi-directional metering of energy production or consumption, the product is protected against phase / neutral inversion and will also detect wiring errors.

Accurate energy measurement

The Socomec Countis E0x is a modular, active electrical energy meter displaying the total energy consumed (kWh) via LCD. Designed for single-phase load metering – and used for direct connections of up to 32A – the Countis E02 and E04 are MID certified, with module B+D certification ensuring that the design and manufacturing processes have been approved by an accredited laboratory.

Compact – just one module wide – the pulse or Modbus serial output enables the kWh consumption to be reported to a remote system (PC/BMS) for analysis to support billing, energy saving and cost management programmes.

Cost savings up to 30%

Precise and timely measurements combined with the accurate analysis of energy consumption will highlight potentially costly anomalies. Furthermore, by modifying specific consumption practices as part of a wider energy performance programme, it is possible to achieve energy cost savings of up to 30%.

Reactive energy surcharges can be minimised and the monitoring and management of consumption based on individual metering can help to keep multiple sites in check. Furthermore, the use of MID certified meters – guaranteeing accuracy and tamper-resistance – is a mandatory requirement in the charge back of kWh.

Increase the value of your portfolio

In addition to significant cost savings, obtaining the most current and demanding certifications will increase property asset value and facilitate renting and resale. Green credentials can be improved by detecting anomalies and malfunctions prior to carrying out renovations and upgrades.

Find out more about the meters here. Find out more about he MID directive here.

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