Net zero consultancy ClearVUE.Business’ energy and carbon management platform ClearVUE.Zero monitors companies’ emissions and allows business owners to cut unwanted and wasteful consumption, reducing their carbon footprint. From next year it will be able to give a business an accurate calculation of its indirect (Scope 3) emissions, one of the most difficult aspects for a business measuring its progress towards net zero.

Regarding energy bills, monitoring and targeting can help businesses save 15–20% on their energy bills. Just as importantly, ClearVUE.Zero provides crucial GHG data from businesses so they can take the necessary steps to reach their net zero goals. Upcoming features in the system will allow businesses to monitor all emissions made throughout the business. With the help of the breakdown chart, businesses can compare emissions for different months and scopes simultaneously, which will allow them to make impactful decisions on areas that need focus.

One feature of particular interest is the Scope Accounting feature – set for release next year – that helps businesses calculate and classify notoriously difficult to measure Scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 emissions are those that are indirectly generated by a business. These include business travel, employee commutes, waste, purchased goods and services, the goods produced, end-of-life disposal of products, transportation, distribution, and more.

This addition to ClearVUE.Zero will be made available to customers next Spring and should enable businesses to get a grip on all their emissions are they strive towards the goal of net zero carbon emissions.

ClearVUE.Business is an owned subsidiary of Global Procurement Group. ClearVUE.Business assists companies from all industries and sectors in developing and implementing carbon reduction and energy efficiency strategies that are based on their larger ESG initiatives.


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