Muntons to decarbonise 100 GWh of heat demand each year


AMP Clean Energy is to install, own and operate a £16.5 million low carbon energy centre for leading malt product manufacturer and distributor, Muntons – an initiative which will see the maltster save 15.5 thousand tonnes of carbon per annum at its plant in Stowmarket.

The energy centre will include a 14MW biomass boiler and a Gas CHP system and will decarbonise 100 GWh of heat demand each year – which is equivalent to decarbonising the heat of more than 8,000 homes.  Muntons is a signatory to the Science Based Targets initiative and the Stowmarket project will allow it to hit its science-based targets, which are to reduce emissions by 45% (based on 2010 levels) by 2025.

The project sees AMP Clean Energy take responsibility for the development, design, installation and ongoing operation of the energy centre and Muntons will purchase the low carbon heat and power generated under a long-term energy supply contract. Work on the installation began in late July, with commissioning targeted by April 2021.  AMP Clean Energy is also responsible for providing the biomass fuel for the boiler, which will come from UK sourced virgin wood supply which has been facilitated by AW Jenkinson Forest Products.

Richard Burrell, CEO of AMP Clean Energy, said, “The project will enable Muntons to hit its science-based targets ahead of deadline, it also embodies the ‘build back better’ ethos of the green recovery.

“It is also a perfect example of the kind of project that is made possible under the current non-domestic RHI, which is due to close for new projects in just seven months’ time.  The decarbonisation of heat is one of the UK’s biggest challenges, so if we are to hit net zero by 2050, we urgently need clarity from the government on a successor scheme, to ensure more projects like this are possible.”

Mark Tyldesley, group managing director at Muntons, said, “The science-based targets for manufacturing are to reduce carbon emissions by 57% by 2050. We aim to be far more ambitious and are on track to already reduce emissions by 45% by 2025.  Crucial to us hitting this target is installing biomass heating at both of our UK malting sites.”


  1. I think it is high time that burning wood grown for biomass is seen to not be net zero carbon as it requires a great deal of energy to grow and harvest the wood; in this case the wood is apparently from the UK which is better than the common practice of sourcing it from Canadian forests.

    Muntons could consider processing their waste from their malting process in a biodigester to use the resulting methane to generate fossil free generate electricity.


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