National Grid mulls footroom options as demand drops


National Grid has asked suppliers and TPIs for information on different customer segments in order to better model demand over summer.

The electricity system operator (ESO) is considering how to best manage low demand on the transmission system – which would be exacerbated by ongoing coronavirus lockdowns.

The ESO made the call in its weekly Covid-19 update.

Falling transmission system demand over summer is a growing challenge for Grid, given embedded PV now stands around 14GW and fewer dispatchable plants are available to help balance the system.

Three years ago, a sunny Saturday in late March saw afternoon transmission demand dip below overnight demand for the first time.

The ESO started buying Demand Turn Up (DTU) in 2016 to help procure negative reserve, but uptake was limited. Grid indicated last year it is looking to develop a more effective service.

The system operator has other options – it can pay renewable generators to stop exporting to the system – but it is looking for more cost effective approaches.

Information from suppliers on segmented predicted consumption patterns will help inform the ESO’s plan.

Meanwhile the impact of the coronavirus to date has seen demand fall by around 10 per cent on average. The ESO said morning peaks have dropped by up to 18 per cent.

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