Net Zero Week launches free webinar programme


Over 45 organisations have united to address the many and varied impacts of net zero with an exclusive programme of free-to-attend live webinars between 14 – 23 July 2021.

Net Zero Week 2021, sponsored by Northern Gas and Power, is a government and industry-backed national awareness week and is enjoying favour in its inaugural year. A wide range of influential organisations are Official Partners of Net Zero Week, including Energy UK, Institute of Directors (IOD), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Lighting Industry Association (LIA), World Biogas Association, Zemo Partnership, Energy Networks Association, Carbon Capture & Storage Association, Nuclear Industry Association, Energy & Utilities Alliance and many more.

Net Zero Week is being run in collaboration with The Energyst, so we hope all our readers will tune in to the live webinars which feature many authority figures such as Dr Roger Barker, Director of Policy and Corporate Governance, IOD – Matt Sturgess, CEO, LIA – Kevin Welstead, EV Sector Director, SSE Enterprise Utilities – Andy Eastlake, MD, Zemo Partnership – Philip New, CEO, EV Energy Taskforce.

In addition to the live webinars, Net Zero Week will also be hosting some on-demand webinars featuring influential figures covering a wide range of subjects.

Founder, Shawn Coles said, “Net Zero Week 2021 is a precursor event to the much-anticipated COP26. In 2021, we have a real opportunity to make a big impact through activities that engage all types of businesses on both a practical and inspirational level.

“Net Zero Week will offer all business leaders and their teams a progressive set of exclusive and free-to-attend webinars that explore the many practical facets of a net zero journey from biogas to transport, but also high-level inspiration and policy matters for businesses keen to progress the net zero journey.”

Greg Clark MP, Former Energy Secretary said, “Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing mankind. The UK is leading the world in rising to this challenge and can take pride in being a nation that is not just showing ambition but one which holds a record to match. We all have a stake in this, and I applaud the efforts of individuals, organisations and initiatives like Net Zero Week in highlighting the importance of this vital work.”

Net Zero Week 2021 runs between 17 – 23 July, however, The Energyst will be hosting some keynote live webinar sessions the week prior, across the 14 – 16 July.

Keynote webinars include:

Wednesday 14th July

  • Net zero – what do businesses need to do, when and how?
  • Electrification of UK plc.

Thursday 15th July

  • Decarbonising industry and commerce – what are your ‘no regret’ first steps on getting serious about net zero?
  • Decarbonising transport.

Friday 16th July

  • Ministerial fireside chat (to be announced)

Who should attend the webinars?

To reach net zero, businesses will need to include all stakeholders and at all levels.  So, we invite everyone to attend, for free, and you certainly should if you run a business or work in a team that looks after; the estate, buildings, building services, transport, energy – and if you work across issues such as sustainability, energy, environment, finance, facilities, fleet, operations, engineering, and maintenance to mention just a few.

The full webinar programme will be announced via the Net Zero Week 2021 email newsletter.  So, you want to be kept informed and see the programme first, subscribe to the newsletter at


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