New Ford & Stanley brand reflects UK sustainability focus


Talent services company, Ford & Stanley Group has kept pace with national environmental activities with the expansion of both its dedicated environmental technology recruitment business and ‘A Tree for Every Placement’ initiative.

Despite the global pandemic, the past 12 months has seen such an increase in demand for its services that Ford & Stanley has responded with the launch of a dedicated business – Enviro-Tech – that focuses exclusively on this area of global environmental importance. As part of the company’s support of green initiatives, 2022 will also see Ford & Stanley extend its ‘A Tree for Every Placement’ initiative to all its customers so that every client has the opportunity to support an environmental gain.

An employer’s environmental responsibility increasingly features as a motivational consideration when people make career decisions; and given there are currently in excess of one million unfilled vacancies in the UK this is not an issue that employers can afford to ignore. However, there is an emerging concern that rapidly escalating energy costs could impair momentum as so-called ‘green taxes’ become a political ‘hot potato’ and the fervent support following last year’s COP26 Summit gets dismissed as yesterday’s bandwagon.

Peter Schofield, chairman at Ford & Stanley Group, sets aside such concerns saying: “It’s not about gimmicks or politics, just part of a long-term, genuine and wider commitment to the environment that we have as a company. Projects like these and the conservation meadow we sponsor are just what we like to do as a business as it’s part of our organisational DNA.

“As arguments rage around the world regarding the validity or otherwise of climate change data, the Ford & Stanley position is simply that, if we help do practical things that help nature, then our little bit of the world will be an incrementally better place to work and live in.”

Enviro-Tech project leader, Alex Hoe said “The reported skills shortages are a real issue for the UK with net zero targets wholly dependent on organisations having the right people available to develop and implement the technology.

“People might ask what recruitment has got to do with the environment, but right there you have it – there’s a straight line between having the right talent when needed and targets being met.”


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