North East energy supplier launches carbon neutral gas


North East-based energy supplier Green has launched a ‘carbon neutral’ green gas offering.

In addition to already supplying their members with 100% renewable electricity, Green’s newest tariff, called Birch, now gives customers the option of using carbon neutral gas.

For every tonne of carbon gas consumption emitted, the firm offsets it through verified carbon offsetting sources.

Green actively supports carbon reduction initiatives around the world to reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere through various projects such as tree planting schemes. Contributing to tree planting schemes can be carried out through a number of ways; you can donate money to organisations such as Woodland Trust for trees to be planted, or take part in planting trees yourself in your local area.

Green provides members the option to purchase energy that is less harmful to the environment. Its green electricity and carbon neutral gas does not come at a premium cost for members and the company says its Birch tariff is market competitive, making it affordable for everyone.

Green aims to change the way businesses consume and manage their energy. By being carbon neutral, the firm says it and customers can work together to help our environment and our future.

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