Northern Powergrid calls for demand-side response providers


Northern Powergrid has launched a call for businesses that can provide at least 100kW of flexible power to help balance its network in specific locations in return for payment.

If assets are part of an aggregated portfolio, the minimum amount of flexible power is 200kW.

The distribution network operator plans to use the flexibility across nine areas from next winter, with services starting as early as October and running through to March.

Up to 12.5MW is required within postcodes in: Sheffield, Bridlington, Newcastle, Goole, Scunthorpe, Hull, Dewsbury, York and Huddersfield.

In some postcodes, services are required to manage evening peaks, in others the requirement is throughout the day.

The DNO urged businesses that could provide flex in the required postcodes to register via the Piclo Flex platform, which is being used by all network operators to find and procure flexibility services.

Further details also available here.

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