Nyobolt is taking its high-power density, fast-charging battery technology from the lab into the real world by unveiling its first EV sports car prototype.

Designed and engineered with CALLUM, the Nyobolt EV will be used to validate the company’s battery performance in a high-performance environment.

The Cambridge-based manufacturer’s new vehicle weighs 1,250kg, and the manufacturer estimates that the batteries will provide more than 600,000 miles of life.

Initial in-vehicle testing this month using 350kW (800V) DC fast chargers has already confirmed that Nyobolt EV’s 50Ah 35kWh battery can be charged from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in four minutes 37 seconds – with a full 100 per cent charge enabling the prototype to achieve a range of 155 WLTP miles.

The company said that the 35kWh battery pack in the Nyobolt EV prototype not only adds miles faster but the compact battery pack size benefits car makers and motorists, enabling energy efficient electric vehicles that are cheaper to buy and run, and crucially use fewer resources to manufacture.

Nyobolt is in talks with several OEMs about using its technology in high performance EVs.

Shane Davies, Nyobolt’s director of vehicle battery systems, said, “Our Nyobolt EV demonstrates the efficiency gains facilitated by our fast-charging, longer-life battery technology, enabling capacity to be right-sized while still delivering the required performance.

“Nyobolt is removing the obstacle of slow and inconvenient charging, making electrification appealing and accessible to those who don’t have the time for lengthy charging times or space for a home charger.”


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