Octopus launches Electroverse EV charging platform for SMEs


Long-tentacled power company Octopus today reaches into EV charging for small firms, with the debut of its Electroverse EV charging solution.

Launched in summer 2020, Electoverse at first addressed private motorists. Still in beta-testing phase, its latest variant is the service provider’s offering assisting operators of small corporate fleets to manage charging, cost-monitoring and fulfillment.

All charges appear in one consolidated invoice, enabling a full overview of the business’ EV charges at the tap of a finger, according to the powerco.

Octopus says worldwide chargepoints for the Electroverse brand now exceed 430,000 across 470 operators’ brands, all accessible with a single charge card.

Features available include a interactive global map showing chargers and availability, a route-planner, and in-car support with Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto and other platforms.

Today’s launch comes as EVs continue to climb in popularity; over 20,000 new UK car deliveries were made in April alone, says Octopus, citing industry statistics.  It positions Electroverse as a source of greater confidence in EVs among SMEs adopting low carbon mobility.

Product director Matt Davies observed : “Octopus Electroverse is revolutionising EV public charging, with just one card and app to use with hundreds of charge point brands. Accessing over 430,000 public charge points, we’re over the moon to now bring our simple and seamless EV charging solution to businesses.

“This will be a game-changer for companies making the switch and will help them manage their EVs easier than ever before.”

The Electroverse for Business Beta phase is available for businesses to sign up to today; see this link. The subscription-based model will follow shortly.

After today’s initial targeting of SMEs, businesses of all shapes and sizes will be catered for later this year.


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