OEM Partnership between Fleetsolve and RMB/ENERGIE GmgH

Official Signing of the OEM Agreement between RMB/Energie and Fleetsolve – Left to right: Tajima Yosuke (European CEO, Yanmar Energy Systems), Keith O’Connor (CEO and Founder, Fleetsolve) and Henning Brake (Managing Director, RMB/Energie)

An OEM Solutions Partnership Agreement between Fleetsolve, one of the UK’s fastest growing and longest established bioenergy and carbon reduction businesses, and RMB/ENERGIE (part of the Yanmar Corporation, Japan), leaders in Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) cogeneration units, will offer a much-needed injection of market confidence as UK firms struggle to deal with rising energy and operational costs alongside net zero challenges.

Fleetsolve says its partnership with RMB/ENERGIE is a perfectly timed response to the challenges faced by a very large majority of UK businesses as they navigate their way through a period of economic and political change and deal with the ‘energy trilemma’. These often-conflicting challenges of providing energy security, making the energy transition whilst delivering carbon reduction have reaffirmed market demand for ‘plug and play’ CHP solutions which support these challenges.


‘Period of rapid growth’

Fleetsolve says its agreement with RMB/ENERGIE is the final foundation stone in first stage of phase one of its OEM strategy which has already seen the company announce UK & Ireland partnerships with Siemens Energy and MAN Rollo.  The company is in the midst of a period of rapid growth under the leadership of its founder and Chief Executive Officer Keith O’Connor with ambitions to increase its annual revenues to £150 million in the next five years.

The firm’s growth strategy is centred around the formation of strategic OEM relationships with leading CHP brands in order to deliver its energy-as-a-service proposition. In securing this partnership with RMB/ENERGIE, Fleetsolve is now able to support all industry sectors with all fuel types and all sizes of power generation and CHP, ranging from 2kW to 2MW and multiples thereof. Specifically, this agreement covers the micro-generation market with 2kW-50kW machines aimed at smaller commercial buildings as well as businesses in remote locations that have a requirement for onsite heat and power.


Strengthening business-continuity

Customers who are looking to transition to alternative, sustainable fuel sources will welcome the news that the RMB/ENERGIE systems operate on blended fuel-mixes, biogases, Bio LPG, LPG and Propane as well as RDME and syn gas. For those aiming to move to high-blend – and, ultimately to 100% Hydrogen – they can be assured that these units are fully future-proofed.


‘Timely and necessary’

From a customer perspective, Fleetsolve views its partnership agreement with RMB/ENERGIE as both timely and necessary. Within the context that 28% of total global carbon emissions produced are emitted during the operational phase of a building’s lifecycle (i.e. energy needed for heating, cooling and power), Fleetsolvebelieves more market awareness is needed of the role micro-CHP can play in the transitional period of decarbonising commercial buildings and estates.

Additionally, with data (published August 2022) from the Confederation of British Industry suggesting almost 70% of UK firms expect energy bills to rise in the next three months, and nearly a third expect rises of more than 30%, it is clear alternative solutions are needed to ensure business continuity.

In response, Fleetsolve has forged this OEM partnership with market-leaders RMB/ENERGIE to provide a full package of support to energy users that are looking to integrate micro-CHP into their technology portfolios. This includes commercial landlords/operators with larger buildings and complex manufacturing applications. The company anticipates high levels of interest from operators of gyms, hotels and care homes. Demand is also expected from owners of mixed-use developments– many of which are impacted by energy performance implications of the recently updated Part L of the (UK) Building Regulations.

With many firms having already implemented ‘low hanging fruit’ energy retrofits, the company says there is a definite appetite for the next level of energy resilience and decarbonisation. The recent energy tariff price-hikes have highlighted the importance of maximising energy usage. With the RMB/ENERGIE condensing CHP operating at 93% efficiency providing, it is a commercially attractive option for applications where energy resilience and reliable heat and power operations are essential to business continuity.


‘Accelerating the energy transition’

Commenting on the partnership, Fleetsolve’s CEO and Founder Keith O’Connor said, “Micro-CHP not only offers cogeneration benefits, it delivers a reliable solution to decarbonisation – and to other elements of the energy trilemma. This is what British firms need right now; confident, competent and experienced partners who ‘understand’ their challenges and can offer a tried, tested and reliable solution to reduce costs and provide energy resilience.”

RMB/ENERGIE Managing Director, Henning Brake echoes Fleetsolve’s sentiments, “By partnering with such a forward looking and high-growth bioenergy company such as Fleetsolve, we can further expand our market presence in the UK and Ireland. Their quality, knowledge and experience in supporting CHP customers makes them the ideal partner.”


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