OEM sets True path to out-performing market in commercial energy buys


Energy purchasing advisor Open Energy Market says its clients outperformed the bulk of commercial energy users in 2023, achieving savings of 30.2% on electricity and 22.9% on gas, against market averages.

Most members of the concern’s Performance Fund operate in energy intensive sectors such as data centres or engineering. They often manage complex energy purchasing across several sites, including in hospitality, retail or sports.

Striking the right balance between spending and buying energy has never been more important, says OEM.

The company specialises in utilising data and insights to inform their experts in risk management, trading and sustainability, bringing cost savings and control to clients in volatile markets.

It expects maintaining control of rising energy costs, alongside developing investment cases centred on renewables, will continue to predominate in its clients’ concerns, as debate continues in the run-up to the 2024 general election on energy prices, decarbonisation and Net Zero commitments.

OEM recently announced the launch of True, its proprietary purchasing platform, which unites an organisation’s real energy procurement costs and Net Zero strategies.

Chris Maclean, the platform’s CEO said: “With energy costs and consumption remaining top of mind as a volatile purchasing landscape intersects with our climate crisis, it’s understandable that large businesses are looking for more understanding and confidence in their costs and net zero investments.

“There are so many complex moving parts to building and maintaining the right commercial energy strategy. I’m pleased with the tangible, positive results which our expert teams consistently deliver for hundreds of energy intensive businesses through our flagship fund and data-driven platform.”

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