On the charge with FI Real Estate Management


On the charge with FI Real Estate Management

Drax Electric Vehicles has been working with FI Real Estate Management (FIREM) since 2020 to introduce EV charging facilities to its sites and begin rolling them out across its property portfolio.

“Throughout our EV charging integration work, the FIREM team’s focus on tenant experience has been front and centre.”

“Implementing accessible charging solutions enables and encourages tenants to invest in EVs. At Drax, we’ve created bespoke charging solutions for each FIREM site to meet specific tenant requirements. But we’ve also future-proofed solutions to enable the expansion of facilities if and when tenant occupancy demands.”
Paul George, Solution Sales Manager, Drax Electric Vehicles

One of the largest commercial property owners in the UK, FIREM operates 10 million sq. ft. of office space and needed a partner to boost its sustainability credentials. The pandemic had hit the property sector hard and FIREM wanted to introduce facilities like charge stations to attract new customers and tempt remote workers back into offices.

Portfolio-wide plans

FIREM was drawn to the knowledge and wider understanding of the electrification challenge that Drax offered.

“We wanted a partner for our entire portfolio rather than just an immediate requirement – Drax stood head and shoulders above everyone else in that regard.”
Ryan Barber, Head of Offices at FIREM

“All the assistance and information that Drax has supplied has been worth its weight in gold. We initially didn’t know what we wanted – Drax was able to guide us in a way that’s delivered clear benefits for both us and our customers.”
Scott Worthington, Sustainability & Energy Manager at FIREM

Immediate requirements

Lynch Wood Park, FIREM’s ‘jewel in the crown’, was first in line for charge station implementation as part of its £2.5m internal refurbishment. Having carried out a detailed assessment of the car park and its electrical connections and capacity, Drax scheduled and shared its project plans.

“Drax gave us a very clear timeline as to when things would happen – which helped us communicate clearly with tenants so they knew what to expect.”
Ryan Barber, Head of Offices at FIREM

On-site, Drax was able to minimise disruption to FIREM and its tenants during installation. The resulting 24 charging sockets have given the existing-tenant experience a boost and acted as a selling tool to prospective customers.

Drax made sure to provide FIREM with ongoing support for its Lynch Wood Park investment, too. By monitoring hardware to spot any problems, we’ve often been able to resolve issues before site management has recognised them.

Delivering results

Drax has now installed over 50 charging sockets across four FIREM sites. This includes 24 at ‘The Woods’ in Warwick, where FIREM’s reported a surge in prospective-tenant interest since. A key tenant at Lynch Wood Park reversed its decision to leave following the property management company’s sustainability investment, resulting in a 10-year tenancy contract extension.

FIREM has firm plans for expanding its charge-station commitment to further sites – both existing and new-build – with Drax continuing to provide implementation and optimisation support.

Watch the video case study below, or download the PDF

FI-REM Case Study – Drax Electric Vehicles from Drax Energy Solutions on Vimeo.


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