Only 32 firms have notified Environment Agency of ESOS compliance


money-trolleyOnly 32 businesses have so far notified the Environment Agency of ESOS compliance, raising the prospect of a scramble as the December deadline looms. Failure to comply with the scheme could see firms hit with fines of up to £50,000.

Around 14,000 businesses are required to conduct an energy audit using a lead assessor. The Environment Agency said it has approved 700 lead assessors so far and told The Energyst today (29 May) that it had currently received 32 notifications of ESOS compliance.

While there is six months before the compliance deadline, the fact that 99.8% of those required to carry out an audit have failed to notify the Agency of compliance, increases the risk that lead auditors could be overburdened as the deadline looms.

Environment Agency ESOS project manager Jo Scully said firms should take immediate action.

“Many businesses are in the midst of their ESOS preparations and we expect them to meet the December deadline. The feedback we have received from businesses shows that awareness of the scheme has risen but organisations still have work to do in order to comply,” she said.

“In response to this we sent out a reminder letter to 14,000 businesses urging them to take action. We have also been raising awareness by holding workshops, producing a regular newsletter, publishing guidance on our website and setting up a dedicated helpdesk.”

“We hope to see all businesses benefit from the changes they make as a result of a more energy efficient approach and recommend that those who need to comply begin the process as soon as possible. They can refer to the ESOS guidance on our website or contact for further details.”

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  1. Deadlines are just that … Dead lines drawn in the virtual sand with each successive Government doing absolutely zero with regards to enforcement when they pass by…


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