Utilitywise: Edd:e is ready to tackle the world

From left to right: Utilitywise's Geoff Thompson (CEO), Andrew Richardson (CFO) and Adam Thompson (COO)
From left to right: Utilitywise’s Geoff Thompson (CEO), Andrew Richardson (CFO) and Adam Thompson (COO)

Utilitywise has been granted a European patent for its measurement and verification tool Edd:e. The firm already has a US patent for the system which it says shows customers on average ways to reduce energy consumption by 27%.

The news follows Utilitywise’s acquisition of t-mac Technologies. CEO Geoff Thompson said the European patent was proof that the software delivered “real world energy savings”.

“As businesses face increasing energy costs, it is more important than ever to ensure energy usage is being monitored carefully,” added Thompson. “Our management system allows customers to immediately identify any trends, anomalies or unforeseen changes in energy consumption.”

According to Utilitywise, Edd:e examines each circuit on the distribution board to give customers a detailed picture of energy usage – and can monitor usage in individual parts of a building, to room level, down to individual pieces of equipment or circuits.

Utilitywise says that enables its staff or the user to analyse what is being used and by which departments. The system also flags unusual or above average levels of consumptions and shows where consumption and carbon can be reduced.

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