‘Open for Businesses’


Creating innovative energy products that our customers want, delivering an excellent customer experience, and providing transparent products and solutions backed up by relevant, timely support. We’re Open for Businesses by Sion Roberts, Director, Commercial.

One of the key factors in our growth has been our commitment to transparency and long-term relationships with customers. We have established a reputation for innovation, value-added services and working with customers to help them monitor, manage and optimise energy usage. We also identify opportunities for energy efficiency and on-site generation, and implement sustainable solutions that deliver quantifiable energy and carbon savings.

We’re calling our approach “Open for Businesses”.


TGPWhat does this mean practically?

We have always offered competitive fixed term products and basket deals but what sets us apart are our procurement options that match our customers’ strategies for risk management as well as growth. We can provide the right risk management approach for you – whether it be fixed price, indexed fully flexible or managed; even insurance against cold weather.

When our commercial customers requested a risk management product that incorporated triggers, enabling them to achieve the best gas market rate possible, we created Cap & Benefit. The ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ triggers activate a call from our Procurement experts based in Canary Wharf to discuss what action, if any, should be taken to optimise our customers’ procurement position.

Our Procurement experts form part of the service that all of our key account customers receive by acting as a support function to empower our customers to make timely and informed decisions by sending regular market reports and bespoke account reports. The value they provide is represented by the outstanding rating they consistently receive in our annual customer satisfaction survey.

Our ground-breaking alliance with Jules Energy has created a UK first. This energy procurement platform is a unique online system that enables customers
to sell the electricity that they have generated. We have also developed guaranteed energy efficiency programmes and Power/Gas Purchase Agreements tailored for all types of renewable and low carbon generation, solar, and biogas production to help customers optimise their revenue and reduce consumption.

Our customers benefit from robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs), covering business critical areas including invoice delivery, query resolution, performance reviews and siteworks.

As members of the Institute of Customer Service, we also believe customers get the best account management when they are supported by a dedicated team and have one point of contact. Regular management information is provided and face to face meetings are encouraged to help cement the relationship.

In recognition of our efforts, we have been shortlisted in this year’s “Energy Supplier of the Year – Industrial and Commercial” category of The Energy Awards.


Moving forward

The future for Total Gas & Power sees persistent innovation, a focus on renewable energy, a commitment to excellent service, and ongoing support for our customers as they look to drive energy costs out of their businesses whether by demand reduction or risk management.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

We are Open for Businesses.


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