Practical and Effective Energy Monitoring


The Tinytag Energy Logger provides an effective means of power usage monitoring for individual equipment or throughout an entire premises.

Energy Logger kitIt is often easier to look at logger readings than attempt to decipher electricity bills (which are often estimated) or meter readings! Costing £795 +VAT, the Energy Logger uses non-invasive flexible coils to monitor the current in each phaseof a three phase supply, while voltage information may be obtained via a standard 13A wall socket. Safe and easy to use, the logger records data which is downloaded to a PC. The unit also records ‘Power Factor’ (PF) data, a measure of power transmission efficiency: this can be significant because power companies typically charge a higher rate for industrial or commercial customers with a low PF.

Energy monitoring can sometimes lead to very direct savings. For example, ‘before and after’ monitoring can help in the evaluation of replacement LED lighting or Building Environmental Management Systems.

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