Public sector procurement: Make it energy for good

Energy For Good co-founder Chris Maclean

Public sector energy procurement platform, Energy For Good, outlines its credentials in this sponsored post.

Energy For Good (EFG) is a market leading company dedicated to providing best in class energy price sourcing to public sector organisations, using an adapted and fully OJEU compliant Dynamic Purchasing System. This DPS is also fully compliant with Public Contracts Legislation 2015, making it ideal for use by Public Sector organisations (local authorities, NHS establishments, the education sector, emergency services etc.)

A ‘not for profit’ company with over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, founders Andy Blake and Chris Maclean established EFG at the beginning of 2017, having worked with many of the country’s largest energy users operating across all sectors, helping them find the best supplier for their energy needs.

A sister company of Open Energy Market (OEM), Andy and Chris saw a clear opportunity for OEM’s innovative, simple and transparent energy procurement platform once legislation had changed; adapting it into a Dynamic Purchasing System that would suit the needs of Public Sector energy purchasing.

Open Energy Market

OEM is one of the fastest growing energy tech consultancies in the UK. A winner of the TELCA Consultant of Tomorrow award, their proprietary platform is a mix of technology and expertise, built to save energy buyers time and money. Powered by the belief that the future of energy is open, they provide a competitive commercial marketplace built on insight and integrity that is making significant inroads into the energy industry.

Already trusted by hundreds of companies including Tata, Parkdean, Kettle and Bischof + Klein, OEM’s platform allows companies across multiple regions and a with an unlimited number of sites, to take complete control of their energy spending from one insight-driven platform. Instant access to live energy costings allows companies and organisations to make informed decisions and build long-lasting energy strategies.

Other incredible innovations include a live forecasting tool which tracks future energy spend for up to three years and built in supplier pricing modules that generate fully delivered energy prices every day, specific to the energy user’s portfolio and future energy contracts. The portfolio which is one of OEM’s features is also available for clients to access 24/7.

Energy For Good

EFG’s system is unique in that it is the only OJEU compliant Dynamic Purchasing System that specifically sources energy supplies. Energy is comprised of many variables, operating from a live traded market, and so knowing when and what to purchase or which supplier to purchase from is fraught with much confusion. This unique platform automatically evaluates the pricing of each offering in whichever format the supplier might use, and provides the results in a clear and transparent manner, allowing the user to select a successful supplier.

For the buyer this gives total confidence, transparency and ease in ensuring that they have selected the best fit supplier at the optimum price. They can award a contract in the knowledge that all the required OJEU notices have been taken care of. Not only does the DPS engage the market to select the supplier in the most effective way, it then transforms into a portfolio manager to assist in keeping control of each and every site and meter, providing energy market intelligence, forward forecasting of future contract prices alongside a repository of all contract documentation. This is automatic, regardless of whether the buyer has secured a fixed or flexible supply contract.

OEM and EFG believes in more than just fair and transparent energy comparison and purchasing though. Part of what makes them special is their awareness of, and the work they put into, good causes and as you’ll read later on, they have pledged to protect 1000 acres of Northern Peru rainforest for the benefit of everyone.

Cool Earth

The reality of climate change is no longer up for debate. The planet’s changing climate is the most pressing challenge facing the world today. Deforestation plays a major part in this, contributing to more than 12% of all CO2 emissions – so keeping the rainforests standing is the simplest and cheapest way to mitigate climate change.

To support this and increase awareness, EFG and OEM have partnered with the award-winning charity Cool Earth to protect 1000 acres of at-risk rainforest from deforestation through their unique platform.

Cool Earth was established to tackle the growing and very real problem of Global Warming. A ‘not for profit’ organisation supported by such influential figures as Sir David Attenborough and the Queen, Cool Earth is the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest – on the frontline of deforestation. They form unique partnerships with local people, supporting communities to form a sustainable shield that makes neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers and saves millions of further acres.

Since June, every business that’s traded their energy contract through the OEM and EFG platforms have directly protected at-risk rainforest. The platform translates the total footprint of a client’s energy-contracted building space and funds Cool Earth to protect the equivalent area of rainforest through their community partners.

EFG and OEM are dedicated to opening up sustainable routes to energy procurement for every client, of which the Cool Earth partnership is just one crucial part. Their market-leading software backed by expert service helps businesses put an emphasis on building better and longer-lasting energy strategies as well as accessing ways to minimise every customer’s impact on the environment. They save customers time and money, but also provide access to advice and support that meet both current and upcoming legislation, enhancing a company’s strategy for the future.

EFG’s services can reduce energy costings quickly and efficiently, with zero hassle and disruption; and by using their services you’ll be helping to protect irreplaceable rainforest in Northern Peru. If you’d like to take advantage of these incredible services, visit the website below to find out more, or contact the team today.

Telephone: 07851 751820





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