Renault electric truck with solar panels put into service


Swiss haulage firm Rhyner Logistik has just acquired a fully electric Renault Trucks Range D Wide Z.E. with solar panels on its body to provide power to the refrigeration unit.

The 26-tonner, which will deliver goods to the Denner supermarket chain in Zurich and its suburbs, joins the company’s fleet of 100 trucks.

Rhyner Logistik has also acquired a rapid charging station which will charge the vehicle at the depot during loading operations.

Renault Trucks launched the 6×2 rigid Range D Wide Z.E. in the UK last year.

Power is from two electric motors, delivering a maximum of 370 kW, continuous power of 260 kW and maximum torque of 850 Nm.  According to Renault Trucks it offers a range of up to 93 miles depending on the application and body specification.

It has a 22kW onboard AC charger and is compatible with DC fast charging up to 150kW, 200KWh batteries which comprise four packs of high energy density nickel manganese cobalt lithium-ion cells.

The Range D Wide Z.E. uses regenerative braking, utilising the motor to convert the kinetic energy during deceleration into electrical energy, conserving energy and extending driving range.

Renault Trucks is also offering a 10-year battery performance promise with all vehicles supplied on maintenance contracts.


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