Rising energy consumption puts EU’s 2020 targets at risk


Rising energy demand across EU member states could mean 2020 energy and emissions targets are missed, according to latest data.

Preliminary 2017 data published by the European Environment Agency shows that while the bloc remains on track to meet targets, demand has been rising since 2015. That has slowed progress, it said, with only 20 individual countries still set to hit renewable energy targets versus 25 in 2016.

To ensure targets are hit, demand must be curbed, otherwise the share of renewables in the overall mix is reduced. Yet energy efficiency targets are more challenged, with almost half of the bloc (13 countries) set to miss targets on their current trajectory. The EEA said rising transport consumption was primarily to blame and Member States would have to step up efforts to reverse the trend.

These efforts will need to intensify – and new measures introduced – to hit more challenging 2030 targets, added the EEA.

See the data here.

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