Scania launches 300kWh battery-powered lorry, claims 150 miles on one charge


Scania's new electric truckScania has launched its first fully electric lorry. It claims the most powerful version, powered by nine batteries with a capacity of 300kWh, can do 250km (153 miles) on a single charge, subject to payload.

It is also launching a five battery/165kWh/130km variant.

According to the firm, with 130kW DC charging, the five battery unit can charge in under 55 minutes and the nine batteries variant in under 100 minutes. The truck can also regain some power through regenerative braking.

“Sustainable emission-free transport is an increasing requirement for transport companies,” said Anders Lampinen, director, New Technologies. “Acquiring an electric truck is not just an investment in the customer’s fleet, but also in its brand and market. The electric truck enables the customer to stay ahead of the competition, learn about infrastructural challenges and start adapting for the future.”

The firm said it expects to see early units in the UK in the second or third quarter next year – and it is actively seeking partners to explore bundled solutions.

“We want to partner with customers, energy suppliers and infrastructure support,” said Phil Rootham, head of technical pre-sales at Scania GB.

Regarding costs of the truck, Rootham added: “Depending on operation, energy cost and lifecycle of the product, we are starting to see cost parity as attainable over the life length.”

However, he added that operational data from the first vehicles in market would provide a clearer picture.

Further detail here.


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