Scottish Power Energy Networks seeks 95MW flex, signs with Piclo


Scottish Power Energy Networks has signed a commercial partnership with flexibility marketplace Piclo in a bid to find 95MW of DSR, storage and generation to help balance its networks and manage constraints.

Pre-qualification opens today, the tender launches on 11 December and will run to 15 January with SPEN seeking solutions in 10 network areas.

These include: Flint, Ringway, North Shropshire, Newton / Welshpool, Crewe, Carrington, Broxburn, Berwick Ring, Durie House and Paulville.

The company also aims to go to market for reactive power in future.

See details at

SPEN has been trialling the platform since last year. Piclo CEO James Johnston, pictured, hopes to take the platform global.

SPEN head of DSO Graham Campbell said flexibility “is key to the development of the smart network of the future.”

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