ScottishPower supports businesses to make the switch to electric vehicles


As part of ScottishPower’s ongoing commitment to help UK businesses work towards a green recovery, Jamie Elliot, Head of Electric Vehicle Charging, explains how the company is supporting businesses and encouraging them to switch to electric vehicles (EV).

Why is it important that businesses start to use EVs?

“Climate change is one of the most important issues of our generation and there are various ways in which we can all do our bit to take on this challenge. For the business community, there is a massive opportunity available to help clean up transport by increasing the number of EVs in their fleet.

What is ScottishPower doing to support businesses make the switch to EVs?

“Our bespoke solutions can help businesses every step of the way. From the design and supply of chargers, to installation and ongoing support, our products and services allow businesses to charge quickly and conveniently around their schedule.”

What options are there for businesses to install chargers and what are the benefits?

“We have a range of charging solutions for businesses of all sizes and can offer bespoke plans where required. By installing EV charging facilities, businesses will futureproof their fleets, develop green credentials and provide essential facilities for their customers and workforce.

“We’re also building a public EV charging network and have opportunities for site partners in prime locations who could potentially host one of our public charge points for a share of the revenue. ScottishPower will install the charge point at no cost and will manage all the ongoing maintenance to make this experience hassle-free for partners.”

Is it easy for business-owners to make the switch to using EVs?

“Yes, we want to make EVs the smart, easy choice for drivers. Drivers can quickly and conveniently charge around their schedule – at home, work or on-the-go.

How is ScottishPower committed to renewable energy sources?

“There’s no point driving a clean car if the fuel isn’t green. We’re part of the first integrated energy company in the UK to produce 100 per cent green electricity and are continuing to invest in more onshore and offshore wind farm projects to increase the amount of clean energy available as demand rises.”

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